Your Herb Garden Helps You to Boost Your Immunity

While there's a lot of awareness around how we need to up our immunity to keep coronavirus at bay, it's not always the medicine cabinet that holds the solution to this. Going by nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts, the key could be right in your herb garden at home. Here's how you can use everyday herbs to keep yourself healthy during the pandemic and beyond.



Crush neem leaves and lightly saute in very little ghee, with a pinch of salt. Mash these leaves with boiled rice and consume before eating other curries. A way of including it into your kids"Jaggery, neem and haldi balls are brilliant for children. It is important especially now as it will cleanse and is also anti-bacterial' Shares nutritionist KAVITA DEVGAN.



You know you have entered a South-Indian household when you smell the flavourful tadka in curries and curd rice. But this wonder herb needs to be introduced to every dish"It is loaded with antioxidants, helps boost the immunity level and has detoxifying properties. Not just that, it is also great for the liver, as it helps in cleansing the organ, "chewing a few leaves in the morning should be a practice, "Curry leaves are not as bitter as neem" she points out.



Among the backyard superfoods, is moringa or drumstick spinach, also called a miracle tree has been a part of the traditional Indian diet for ages, thanks to the amount of nutrition it delivers. The leaves are where most of the nutrients are concentrated and moringa powder is made from these. The leaves and fruit deliver all eight essential amino acids that our body needs, making it a perfect protein source for vegetarians looking to score complete proteins. Fresh moringa leaves can be cooked in the same way as spinach and other leafy vegetables.





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