Habits that will Effectively Improve Your Health


We are all in a hurry and we don’t have time for anyone. The only thing that makes us slow down is our well-being. When diseases start to attack, then we wonder what we are doing wrong. We can only really improve our health through daily habits. Which ones?


1. Be positive

At the end of the day, can you answer the following three questions in the affirmative: What have I done for my body today - am I eating healthy, exercising enough? What did I do to my mind? Did I read anything? What have I done to my soul? Did I meditate, laugh with my friends?

Take time for your happy moments and have time on the agenda not only for your work but also for your fun. Happiness is a habit that comes from practice.


2. Read about real life

Don't read self-help books - choose biographies. Be curious - find out what the people you admire have actually done. Get feelings out of your life. Your deepest decisions depend on how you recognize your life.


3. Show compassion

Stay open-minded. Don’t let your heartbeat just because you’re afraid of being hurt. Accept everything as joy or an opportunity to learn something. No one can hurt a person who sincerely radiates love. In fact, there is nothing fundamentally malicious in the universe. Only exercises for our soul that we sometimes misunderstand as pain.


4. Drink water with vinegar

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink a glass of warm water with a slice of organic apple cider vinegar. This will activate the digestive system, help control hunger, cravings for sweets, prevent the formation of stones and urinary tract infections.


5. Digital diet

Stay away from smart technology and other electronic devices for at least an hour a day. Instead of plugging your nose into the TV, you’d rather read a book, enjoy the silence, meditate, enjoy nature. Start, if very difficult, with 10 minutes. The further you go, the more you will feel how this habit changes your well-being - you clear your mind of the accumulated rubbish and relax.


6. Take a walk

Moving is a must, as many of us start at our desk all day and continue to sit in front of a computer or TV when we return. Walk for at least an hour daily and when you can climb stairs instead of getting up the elevator, take advantage of lunch breaks and so on.


7. Have to breakfast like kings

Have breakfast like kings, have lunch like princes and have dinner like the poor to improve digestion, adjust energy levels, and get a better night’s sleep. Let breakfast and lunch be your main meals, as well as fruit and vegetables, and throw away sugars and carbonated drinks.


8. Practice yoga at home

Take time for yoga at home. Some asanas are completely simple, helping to calm the body, soul and thoughts as well as the nervous system.


9. Start the day with meditation

Read something positive and inspiring in the morning. A good morning is when you are in a good mood, take time for breathing exercises, meditation, exercise.


10. Connect with yourself and others

A smile is a key that helps to unlock even the coldest hearts. You will feel better, and you will give joy to those around you. Repeat to yourself that you are amazing and unique.


11. Natural treatment

Allow yourself to be in nature, take a walk barefoot, avoid mobile phones, other smart devices - just escape the electromagnetic fields. Drink lots of water - sometimes when we are angry or scared, it is actually dehydration that is to blame.


12. Dating with yourself

Simple - bath, spa, shopping, gardening, time in nature - all help us feel better. Do it for yourself and most importantly, stay regular. The more you focus on yourself, the happier you will feel.


13. Improve your mood

Discover: Replace everyday food with something tasteless, more interesting. Ask your body what it craves most and watch how different foods affect it. Exercise is the biggest antidepressant, but do it in the most acceptable way for your body.


14. Take a cold shower

Every morning, a cold shower or bath gives you more energy, strengthens immunity, activates blood circulation, helps to lose weight, as it increases brown fat, and reduces the amount of unhealthy whites, helps muscles to recover.


15. Find a place in your mind 

Practice various meditations in your mind. A few minutes of them every day for 8 weeks reduces stress levels and helps you feel good.


16. Take a deep breath

Try breathing exercises, say, Ujjayi. It is a relaxing, empowering, soothing way to breathe.


17. Practice yoga

Practice classic yoga - 12 poses every morning. It gives vitality, strength, and energy. Yoga activates blood circulation, helps maintain balance, strengthens muscles and the whole body. It’s not just physical activity, it teaches breathing, inner strength, concentration, creates inner heat that turns into energy.


18. Start the morning with a glass of water with lemon

Start the morning with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. It is extremely beneficial to our health - improves digestion, cleanses the body, strengthens immunity, balances pH, cleanses the skin, revitalizes breathing


19. Practice a healthy lifestyle

A vibrant life requires exercise, rest, good nutrition, positive thoughts, and spiritual and meditative practices.


20. Nourish your body

It is necessary to take care of your body, in the end it is the only "home" where you will live until the end of life. Every day, watch as you sit, walk, stand, and try to pay attention to your posture, correct it. The more space we create between the ribs and hips, the more naturally we open the chest and allow ourselves to breathe freely.


21. Accept your imperfections

The pursuit of perfection leads us to destruction. By accepting our imperfections and striving to improve what we have, we will be far more satisfied and happy with life. Tell yourself every day that you have achieved enough. Write at least a few good things every night to make you feel good. Give yourself time to nurture innate gifts and talents. We all have them, just to be discovered.


22. Balance your life

Balance is the key to vibrant life. A few flaws are not a problem as long as they do not outweigh your virtues. Enjoy what gives you pleasure, but pursue it with healthy habits. The pleasures of "guilty" are not always such that you should curse yourself - try to experience a pleasure.


23. Rest

Go to bed on time - rest is necessary to regain strength and be energetic. Rest should not be seen as "doing nothing" or being lazy. This is the wrong mindset. Most people experience a tremendous pace that results in a lack of rest for sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same time and take time for relaxation and exercise or yoga.


24. Walk barefoot

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Walk barefoot at home or anywhere you can to balance your body, strength, posture, blood circulation. If it’s very cold, you can wear thick socks - our feet have never been made for shoes.


25. Stand up

Sitting - the new smoking. This increases the pressure on your back by at least 50 percent. compared to standing. Sitting response to weakened muscles, a distorted back, increases the risk of back pain, diabetes, heart disease, and even death. Stand up at least every half hour and let your backrest, in addition to improving lymph, blood flow, oxygen transfer during that time.


26. Dance, do stretching exercises, and run

We need a variety of movements to stay functional and healthy. It benefits our bones, joints, muscles, and here the lack of movement is responsible for chronic pain and various diseases. Exercising 3 times a week is too little. Try to exercise at least 20 minutes daily. Walk instead of riding the bus, climb the stairs instead of getting up the elevator, and so on. Dance, run, go, do stretching exercises.


27. Make changes every day 


You need to exercise your body every day in a variety of ways to stay healthy. Avoid equality in any situation, be it sports, work, or relationships with loved ones. 


28. Straighten your body

Posture is one of the most important things in your life - if you feel pain, do posture-correcting exercises. It turns out as much as 98 percent. people's well-being improves precisely after such exercises.


29. Discover peace

Meditation is an invaluable tool that helps many people regain peace of mind and thoughts. This takes at least 5 minutes. Watch your breathing, feel the air coming out and entering your body. Change will begin when you meditate regularly.


30. Exercise every day

Yoga, pilates, dancing, running, tennis, football ... All this cleanses the soul, gives strength to the body. Exercise not too much and not too little - spend at least 20 minutes a day.





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