Gyan Mudra for Mental and Psychological Disorders


Mudra means the gesture of the hand. It helps to increase and balance our energy to work for us and not against us. A healthy body is the result of a healthy mind. One cannot be peaceful and successful if they are having a fight and struggle with their own thoughts and feelings. Mudra helps in balancing everything. Our body is made up of 5 natural element water, Earth, space, air, fire, and our fingers denote them i.e. thumb denotes fire, Index finger denotes air, middle finger denotes space, ring finger denotes earth and little finger denotes water. If the individual does the proper Mudra then he or she can transform their life to the fullest. But to get the benefits one requires to follow the Mudra on a regular basis for 30 to 40 minutes. Gyan mudra As the name of Mudra denotes itself that this is the gesture of knowledge. What do you understand from the word "knowledge"?


Knowledge means having information understanding and skills which can be achieved through experience. Gyan Mudra helps the individuals who are practicing it to gain compassion towards other things, to have understanding, to gain knowledge and skills, and helps them to concentrate, learn things quickly and improve their mental ability to do something. As we know that mind can work for us like a sharp weapon and can also be against us like a deadly weapon. We all are required to have a proper balance with all these five elements to have proper functioning of the mind. Basically it helps and provides us the best way through which we can work with our mind. If done properly then it can bring peace and compassion to do things. In this mudra, individuals will sit with their legs crossed or any way which is comfortable to them then they will use their thumb and index finger to perform this mudra as this mudra balances air and fire in our body. This helps them to balance their mental and psychological disorders.





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