Eating of these dishes makes bones weak

Today's lifestyle changes are taking place in the diet, which directly affects your health. Due to the spoilage of food, the body becomes home to many diseases. But nowadays, unknowingly, we are beginning to consume some such foods which are making the bones hollow and making them vulnerable. Therefore, today we are going to tell you about such foods which will harm your bones.


Vet Bran and Milk It may sound good to hear the combination, but consuming milk with brittle bran calcium starts decreasing in your body. Well, you can take supplements to meet calcium deficiency. Salt and wine Drinking alcohol reduce the amount of calcium in the body which causes bone weakness. Using an excessive amount of salt, the bones become weak. Actually, there is sodium in salt, which, after going into the body, removes calcium from the body through the urine. Tea and coffee Bones become weak even by consuming more tea and coffee. Caffeine present in it is very harmful to the health of bones.

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