Benefits of the palm sugar for human beings

Palm sugar is an unrefined sugar extracted from sugar cane or palm. Most of the world's production is carried out in India. Raw sugar is produced by evaporating water from sugar cane juice or palm juice. It is sold in bulk liquid or granular form.


Benefits of Jaggery:

1) Raw sugar can have better nutrients than sugar. But it is still rich in calories and moderately consumed.

2) Raw sugar can replace refined white sugar in foods and beverages. It is also used in the production of palm wine and natural dyes. 

3) Jaggery is said to help boost immunity, liver and digestive health and prevent anemia.

4) Excessive sugar intake from any source increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

5) If you use sugar instead of sugar, you will get some extra nutrients and calories. In this way it is a healthier choice.

6) It is believed that the minerals and antioxidants contained in palm oil can support the immune system and help people recover from diseases such as colds and flu.

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