Amazing Facts that are Literally True!

* Drinking Alcohol is most of the time, considered a sin or a bad habit but drinking alcohol can be very good for health, both mind and body if it is consumed in a moderate amount. Research has proved that alcohol boosts the creative abilities of the brain, it heightens the levels of imagination and productivity. But it should be done in a moderate amount and not taken up as a bad habit that ruins the health. Branded and good varieties of alcohol are good for skin, hair, youthfulness, and is an aphrodisiac.


* Red wine and gin are very good for the cognitive functions of the brain and can be stress-busters too. Choose the type and quantity well, to get its benefits.


* Sleeping is the normal procedure of relaxing the brain from the surrounding and transforming to a state of rest. What if you can't sleep? Have you ever felt the strange feeling of night weakness when you go to any new place and you cannot sleep! It is known as the "First Night Effect" where the brain cannot adjust to a new surrounding and do not give signals for sleeping. It is nothing but the protective way of the brain to make us awake, to prevent us from any seen or unseen danger. It takes a lot for our brain to understand that there is no need to worry.


* Reading is a very good exercise for our brain. We read course books, but reading magazines and novels, even comics or anything other than study-oriented can do wonders for the health and overall development. Reading makes the mind sharper and one can memorize things faster. Reading also boosts self-esteem and leadership skills. One should invest in good books to gain knowledge. Reading makes us knowledgeable. Music is also very important for self-growth. Besides being a passionate hobby, listening to good and soulful music can reduce emotional pain and trauma. 


* Music releases endorphins and dopamine and transforms us into imaginary euphoria. Music has been proven to be a tonic to a bad mood, depression, sadness, and grief. Music is good for the heart and a powerful tool for meditation. Listening to music is featured as a pleasurable activity by the brain and listening to prolonged music can even alter the brain cells. It can have a positive impact on brain nerve cells.




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