Alarming Condition of HIV in Pakistan

SINDH:Around 6oo people in Sindh region of Pakistan were detected HIV positive. Shockingly, out of them, about 500 patients are children ranging from age of 2 month to 12 years old. This alarming situation in Pakistan has forced Pakistan seek help from the World Health Organistion.


The Pakistan health authorities have requested WHO to provide them with 50,000 HIV Testing Kits. A team of 10 experts from WHO will soon visit the Larkana district of Sindh to find out the cause of the spreading of HIV in Pakistan.


However, it is being guessed that the rapid spread of HIV is beacuse of reused syringes and unsafe blood transfer. According to the health authorities of Pakistan, the affected patients(mostly children) had visited a paediatrician named Muzaffar Ghanghar, who himself is a HIV patient.


Ghanghar is accussed of using contaminated syringes repeatedly which made the disease spread in Pakistan, speciall among children. He has been arrested and is under police custody. Both, health authorities of Pakistan and of WHO have been alerted and both are trying their best to control the situation as much as its there in their hand.

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