Traditional Goan Delicacy:Way to seafood

Goa has everything a hot traveler goal does: sun, sand, shoreline and above all, great sustenance. Bona fide Goan nourishment is one of the main motivations sightseers run to this radiant state. It's spunky; it has character and is truly addictive! 


1. Goan Prawn Curry 

Crunch your approach to succulent prawns cooked in a coconut milk based Goan curry and let the enchantment of Goan sustenance dominate. 


2.Fish Recheado 

'Recheado' signifies 'stuffed' in Portuguese. Basically, it's a pomfret injected with a tart recheado glue and fricasseed with onions till fresh and brilliant darker. ]



This flavorful Goan pastry is deliberately layered to flawlessness. It is readied utilizing coconut milk, eggs, margarine, and above all, jaggery. Conventional Bebinca has around seven to sixteen layers yet you can have the same number of as you wish. Each chomp of this cake causes the following one to appear to be much all the more energizing. 


4.Pork Vindaloo 

This is maybe the most hair-raising and noteworthy Goan dish. 'Vin' represents vinegar and 'ahlo', articulated and composed as 'aloo', implies garlic. Chillies, ginger, garlic and cumin make the delicious red _masala _which is blended with vinegar bound pork and cooked in a red hot red sauce till it's flaky and delicate 


5.Rava Fried Fish 

Any individual who has been to Goa or known about Goan nourishment will know this dish. Fish filets seasoned with ginger, garlic and red chillies are singed to flawlessness and decorated with fragrant coriander. 


6.Chicken Xacuti 

Xacuti is back and this time for those searching for some delicious pieces of flavor injected chicken. An extraordinary chicken dish to add on an evening gathering menu, present with any Indian bread or is best delighted in on a bed of hot rice. 


7.Pork Sorpotel 

This Portuguese roused dish is cooked in pretty much every catholic family in Goa for Christmas. It is said that credible Sorpotel is warmed for around 20 minutes every day after the first and tastes best on the third or fourth day.

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