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According to the surveys, the coronavirus lives up to 6-8 hours on fruits and vegetables and for 4 hours when exposed to heat. From the beginning of lockdown, the supply of fruits and vegetables has been smooth and people have been buying those from their nearby vegetable vendors and fruit sellers. Also, some supermarkets and grocery stores made home delivery of fruits and vegetables available. In the wake of the virus living on fruits and vegetables, people started their own ways of washing them and making them virus free.



There have been many cases where people have used sanitizers on fruits and vegetables in order to kill the virus on them. However, this is not a suitable method because there is no evidence that sanitizers can kill the virus on the skin of fruits or vegetables. Also, some fruits and vegetables have rough skin along with wrinkles and depressions where sanitizer’s spray can’t reach. Sanitizers are made of chemicals and can be really harmful when ingested. Therefore, using sanitizers on fruits and vegetables is a really dangerous method and must be stopped.



Sanitizers are effective on hand, body, metal, steel, and other similar objects but not good for fruits and vegetables. However, killing the virus from fruits and vegetables is necessary. For that, you must not immediately consume the fruits and vegetables because they might have a virus on their surface. You should keep them aside for at least 4 hours in open outside the house and then dip them in warm water.



For better results, you must add a little baking soda in the warm water or few drops of vinegar which are easily available at home. You should dip fruits and vegetables in this solution for a while and then wash nicely after taking them out from it. By this, you can make your fruits and vegetable virus free and make them ready for use. Also, you must take care to dispose of the packets in which fruits and vegetables were brought because they also might contain a virus. So you must take the right precautions to ensure safety.



The whole idea behind it is to make fruits and vegetables fit for consumption. Items like milk, curd, cheese, buttermilk tetra packs, etc. must be dipped in a soapy solution because they can’t be kept out for long as its summer season and they’ll get spoiled. So use soapy water for those packets. For other packets like that of biscuits, bread, chocolates, cold drink cans, etc. these must be kept out in open for a few hours so that virus doesn’t stay alive when brought inside the home. Therefore, proper measures and ways can help you out in staying fit and healthy.






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