Onam 2019: More than 2500 Calories in Onam Sadhya! Here's a Caloric Breakdown of All Dishes from Sambar to Payasam


Happy Onam, everyone! Kerala's famous harvest festival, Onam is here. The ten-day festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour all across the country. In 2019 the celebrations began on Sunday, September, 2 and will end today September 11. Keralites everywhere are in a celebratory mood, and the festive spirit is doubled by preparing for the vegetarian feast of the day, Onam Sadhya. Sadhya is the traditional food that Malayalis eat on banana leaves to mark the day. A variety of items are prepared for the celebration, and family members sit together to enjoy the feast.


The vegetarian meal platter usually includes these items:

Kaaya Varuthatha (Banana chips)

Chena Varuthatha (Yam chips)

Mango pickle

Ghee Puli Inji (Tamarind & ginger chutney)

Kichadi (Gourd and yogurt)

Pachadi (Pineapple-yoghurt sweet)

Olan (Ash gourd in coconut milk curry),

Avial (Coconut and veggies thick curry)

Puliserry (Yoghurt-based curry),

Theeyal (Mixed Vegetable Gravy)

Kootu (Black chickpeas) curry

Sambar Rasam

Elaichi banana

Buttermilk Crisps (Pappadam)

Steamed rice (Red Rice)


However, fitness conscious people usually worry if they'll gain weight after eating the Onam Sadhya. Here's the time to strike a balance between traditions and fitness. You might want to check out this breakdown of how many calories we are dealing with.

Dish Name Serving Size Calories

Rice 2 servings 271 calories

Sambar 1 cup 82 calories

Avial 1 serving 136 calories

Pappadam 1 43 calories

Kootu curry 1 serving 300 calories

Kaalan 1 serving 309 calories

Cabbage Thoran 1 serving 208 calories

Parippu 1 serving 139 calories

Ghee 1 teaspoon 40 calories

Pachadi 1 serving 162 calories

Olan 1 serving 162 calories

Banana chips 10gm 147 calories

Sharkara varatti 10gm 162 calories

Elaichi banana 1 43.20 calories

Payasam 1 cup 280 calories

Rasam 1 cup 133 calories

Total Calories 2,617 Calories

Well, there you go, turns out, if you don't binge on the sadhya, you might not intake a lot of calories. In fact, some of these items are made out of extremely healthy veggies and grains. However, a lot also depends on what you eat in the whole day. For example, if you just stick to this one meal and very less food for the rest of the day, you may not increase your calorie count.

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