Demand of dates increases suddenly

Demand of dates increses suddenly. Dates are grown in tropical areas and known for their health benefits. The dried fruit is full of anti-oxidants, fiber, several vitamins. Due to relegious importance DATES are consumed during Ramadan. Despite inflation, dried fruit is selling like hot cakes in Srinagar. Markets are full of variety of dates from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. During Ramadan dates are also an important and instant source of energy and have a lot of health benefit. 


Besides, consumption at the time of Iftar the dates are used during a lot of occassions. Increased health conscientious of people has raised the demand of high quality dates such as "ajwah" and "amber" which costs approximately between rs.1500 to rs.2000 per kilogram. The business of high quality dates is flurishing due to high demand of Dates.


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