Outfits for a better College Life!!



Any style is okay, from a V-neck, polo and a circle collar t-shirt. Its just easy to put on and very comfortable. You can pair it with anything. You can have different choices of color. If you are wearing one that have words or pictures make sure they are not provoking ones. It will be destruction to others


From Skin jeans, baggy ones, three quarter to shorts, you can never go wrong with jeans. According to your preference you can choose what works for you. Most of them have pockets too, so for us who want to keep something like wallets or just having a swag with hands in our pockets, we are good to go.

Rubber/ Sport Shoes

Oh it’s no joke when you walk from building to building. Most colleges are so big and buildings can be far away from each other. You need to wear shoes that will not give you a hustle while you move. Make sure you get the ones that will fit you perfectly. That is why these shoes are recommended in sports or when doing exercises because they are flexible.


Once in a while you need to where something light and have that free moment. Especially when the weather is so warm. You need to put light clothes. There are a lot of varieties on which you can choose from. They are also the best if you are looking for that official look once in a while


Like a trouser and pant, these save the same purpose. They can be used especially when there is a presentation that you need to do. It’s also another getaway for a warm weather instead of going for a heavier material, you can choose a blouse or shirt with a light material.


It really depends on what works for you. Just wear clothes that will make you comfortable!

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