MontBlanc's Explorer, one of the world's best fragrance

For all the men who don't only love to dress classy but also like to smell classy, MontBlanc dropped a fragrance at the end of this winters. It was flagged as Explorer. The bottle is as chic as its wearer. An elongated bottle, wrapped around with black sheath with the old glorious MontBlanc's signature emblem.


Explorer, is a crisp scent which is chic and simple at the same time. It enchantes simplicity is the best. This magic portion is brewed by the best, the top global perfumers. Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu, and Olivier Pescheux. All three coming from the renowned fragrance company Givaudan. Each of these experts brought in an ingredient for the portion. Bergamot from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti, and Patchouli from Indonesia.


The first huff of this scent is Bergamot coming all the way from Calabria in Southern Italy. This is not an easy oil to gather, a ton of labour goes for the essential oil of this fruit. Each tree which bears this fruit takes almost 4 to 5 years to grow. In order to produce a kilogram of essential oil, fruits from 2 trees are required.


Next comes Vetiver from Haiti. This plant has been used since 18th century in the production of men's fragrances. Vetiver plant can be found in India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Madagascar,  but  the one born of Haiti is most balanced amongst all.  The root oil of this plant have earthy and woodsy nodes engraved. The scent developed by this oil is very calming.


The base of Explorer is Patchouli.  The bushy plant gives out a scent which warm and earthy. It is another one of the ingredient which is  not easily available for use in perfumery. A single kilogram of Patchouli essential oil is drawn out of 200 times the amount of fresh leaves. The leaves are than air dried for several days and distilled for at least 8 hours.


The ingredients are further incorporated with fresh sage and pink pepper to complete this brew. The fragrance is fit for everyday use, will perfectly accompany its man with his daily pursuits. ​


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