Guerlain's annual limites edition Muguet released!


In the shelf of the annual limited edition Guerlain added this year's fragrances.
Ladies don't just love this for its impeccable quality but also for the limited edition it drops annually. And ladies being ladies get a chance to show off their wardrobe with the addition of this brand's limited
edition scent.
The tradition was first started by the Jacques Guerlain in 1908. After which in 1998 Jean Paul Guerlain set this practice in flow. Since every year the label releases a scent with only a few bottles for sell. It's a special scent packed in a modified signature bottle.
The latest version of this signature line was by Thierry Wasser, called Guerlain Muguet Eau de Toilette. It was first released in 2006 with a special bottle. Mugret stands for a luxury rendez-vous, which embarks the arrival and celebration of the season Spring.
This year it's a fresh-floral scent, packed in a glass  bottle which gives hues of green because of the liquid within. The fragrance celebrate the small white flower of lily born in the valley as the result of bees and silk bug's romance. The origin of the fragrance is poetic itself.
Guerlain along with Sericyne came out with this year's idea.
"Under the artisans’ attentive eye and expert hands, the silkworms create a ribbon of immaculate silk, which then becomes one with the iconic Bee bottle like a second skin."
Top notes: green notes
Heart notes: note of lily of the valley, lilac
Base notes: rose, jasmine


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