Top 10 Endangered Species Of 2020

There have been many that most of us have only heard of but never seen them in reality. An endangered species is the one which is so less in a population that it is on the verge of extinction. serious steps have to be undertaken to protect these.


Here is a list of the top 15 endangered species of 2020: 

1. Amur leopard With a population of around 84 individuals, The status of the Amur leopard from East Russia is a Critically Endangered subspecies. This endangered species had adapted to live in the cold freezing forest. Like other leopards, they can run with an average speed of 60 km per hour.


2. Rhinoceros are around very few in number. Javan rhino (46-66), Black rhino (less than 5000), and Sumatran rhino (74) is the critically endangered species. The status of Rhinos is Critically Endangered.


3. Sunda Tiger Deforestation in Sumatra Island led to the extinction of the Sunda Tiger. The World Wildlife Fund has been working to save this critically endangered species. Only 400 of Sunda Tigers are left on Sumatra Island.


4. Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata” or Hawksbill Turtle is a sea turtle living from the past millions of years. The World Wildlife Fund declared this species of sea turtle as Critically endangered. Pollution, coastal development has been considered as the main reason behind their decline.


5. Sumatran Elephant Like Sunda Tigers, the number of Sumatran Elephants dropped rapidly and the reason behind their declining number is the deforestation of large amounts of forest. That’s why these species joined the status of critically endangered species on Earth.


6. Orangutans The main reason behind the extinction of Orangutans was a forest fire, hunting, removal of tropical forests, and illegal pet trade. These things dropped the number of this critically endangered species by half within a decade.


7. Vaquita is on the verge of extinction, left with just 10 in number. Vaquita can be seen in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. The number of Vaquita dropped rapidly due to irrigation, fishing nets, pesticides, and waste.


8. Malayan Tigers From 1 Lakh in numbers to somewhere below 4000, the number of Tigers dropped at a rapid rate in the past decades, and other than India, no country is able to increase the number of existing.


9. Irrawaddy Dolphins According to the latest reports, there are less than a hundred Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world. So, IUCN classified this rare species as critically endangered species. These playful creatures can be spotted in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Indonesia.


10. Asian Elephants An increase in the human population, deforestation, and fragmentation leads to a decrease in the size of the forest, which, ultimately, is the sole reason behind the heavy drop in the number of Asian Elephants. This Asian species was declared endangered in the mid-80s. And now there are less than fifty thousand Asian Elephants left in the forest of India and Sri Lanka.




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