The state of Karnataka has now a new wildlife sanctuary called KAPPATAGUDDA

At last the people of KARNATAKA heave a sigh of relief as after years of struggle, they finally have a new wildlife sanctuary. The Karnataka government has finally declared the beautiful Kappatagudda forests as a wildlife sanctuary under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

With this recent move, the earlier notification of Kappatagudda as a “conservation reserve” in 2015/17 stands cancel. The pristine sanctuary comprises an area of 244.15 sq. km (24,415.73 hectares) spread across the three taluks of Mundargi, Gadak and Shirahatti in Gadag district.

Under this, the protected area shall also include notified reserve forests in Gadak district that encompasses floral, faunal, geomorphological importance. However, it is to be mentioned that the wildlife sanctuary will not include any revenue villages, revenue land or patta land. People from all the walks of life like farmers, religious mutts, forest officials, students and environmentalist were involved in the movement of securing the area from massive destruction by the mining companies.

In fact, more than 15 religious mutts were involved in the movement that goes with the name “Save Kappatagudda” led by the late Siddalinga Swami of Tontadarya Mutt, famously known as the Green Seer.

Many wildlife activists, conservationists appreciated the effort made by the Karnataka Government. Further, they added “Kappatagudda has a unique landscape that is almost similar to the Western Ghats – and is often considered as a treasure trove of unique flora and fauna.”

Time and again, it has been observed that forests are losing their importance because of various illegal human activities. it is time all should come forward and make it a habit of protecting the environment from further ecological disturbances.     

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