5 beautiful lakes in Goa to visit


Enjoy the beauty of nature as you visit these beautiful lakes in Goa

1. Mayem Lake

Mayem Lake (source) If you are in love with the tranquillity in nature, the Mayem Lake is the perfect place to check out in Goa. If you are going to stay at the Mayem Lake View Hotel owned by the Goa Government then you can enjoy the beauty while sitting on a patio, but this is only for hotel guests. There is a drive-through, though, that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the lake and its serenity. How to reach– Drive from the nearest airport or the nearest railway station. Nearest Railway Station– Thivim Train Station (9.1km)

2. Netravali Bubbling Lake

Netravali Bubbling Lake (source) Located in front of Shri Gopinath Temple, the Netravali Lake can also be referred to as a step as well. The unique feature of the lake is bubble formation. Though there is no proper explanation for this phenomenon, it is believed that some form of gas is released from underneath the lake that causes the bubbles to form. The bubble formation intensity increases when someone claps. This crystal clear cool water lake is a fine place to visit. How to reach– Drive from the nearest railway station. You have a couple of options. Nearest Railway Station– Karwar Railway Station (33.7km) and Madgaon Railway Station (34.8km)

3. Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Arambol Sweet Water Lake Located close to the Arambol beach, also called Paliem Sweet Water, it is an absolute treat for those who wish to take a break from the crowd. The lake offers a splendid natural view and is perfect if you love to swim in the cool water. The Arambol beach is merely 200 meters from the lake. How to reach– A beautiful scenic drive from the nearest airport or the railway station will take you to the lake. Nearest Railway Station– Karwar Railway Station (24.4km)

4. Carambolim Lake

Carambolim Lake (source) The Carambolim Lake, also known as the Karmali Lake, is among the largest lakes of Goa. It is also among the most famous lakes in Goa thanks to the splendid scenic beauty. The lake is particularly popular among bird watchers. Enjoying a sunset by the lake is nothing less than enjoying the dusk at the beach. How to reach– the lake is just 12km from Panjim and you can get a cab or any transport from Panjim to Carambolim. You can also take a cab from the nearest station or airport. Nearest Railway Station– Thivim Train Station (16.4km)

5. Ambulor Lake

Ambulor Lake (source) This one might not find its place in the list of the most famous lakes in Goa, but it is no doubt among the most beautiful lakes of Goa. The place is particularly popular among the birdwatchers. The scenic beauty is breathtakingly beautiful. The place not being too popular is perfect for those who are looking for some serenity and relaxation in the lap of nature. How to reach– The Ambulor Lake is quite close to another popular location, Verna. The lake is located a few minutes drive from Verna. Nearest Railway Station– Verna Train Station (5.1km)

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