The Best Motivational and Heart-touching Movies

        These are some really good movies to motivate yourself. This is my own opinion. All the movies listed below have meaningful thoughts behind it.


The Best Motivational and Heart-touching Movies 


1. The Pursuit of Happiness

   In this movie the main protagonist, Chris Gardner is left by his wife Linda Gardner and to raise his son Christopher Gardner alone. In this situation, his life takes a huge downfall. His business doesn't go well losing his living expenses and become homeless for one year. He sees hope, he gets a chance to become a trainee to become a stockbroker with no salary. This movie portrays how Chris struggles to go forward despite having all these problems.


2. Children of Heaven

    The Story mainly revolves around the one poor brother and sister, Ali and Zahra. Ali losses Zahra's pink shoes. He asks his sister it be a secret to the rest of the family.  This movie mainly tells how Ali struggles to support his family despite facing financial problems.


3. Taare Zameen Par

   In this movie, the protagonist is Ishaan who is affected by Dyslexia, unknown to his parents. His parents finding him not being good in his studies put him in a boarding school. After enrolling, he gets depressed by all things in his, that when he meets his new art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh who changes his for the best.


4. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

   It is the true life story of the stray dog, named as Hachiko after being adopted by Professor Parker Wilson. The story tells how he yearns for his master at a railway station until its last breath without knowing that its Master died.


5.M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    It is the biopic of Former Indian Team Captain M.S.Dhoni, on how he reached the heights while having so many hurdles before him.


6. Secret Super Star

    Insia, the lead character of this film faces opposition to follow her passion to sing from her abusive father Farook. Despite this her mother encourages her on passion by gifting her a Laptop,  she uploads a song recorded with it under the name Secret Superstar. This makes her popular overnight. After this, she gets an invitation from a famous music director and goes further to pursue her passion. The story tells how her mother (mainly), brother and her lover helps her in realizing her passion.



   Again a biographical sports film of Geeta Phogat. This movie shows how she started as a wrestler on her father's (Mahavir Singh Phogat) initiation and excelled on pursuing it. She levels up with her father's teaching but fails to acknowledge it when she heads to a national academy. But soon she starts to fall down under the instruction of her coach Pramod. Then with her sister Babita kumari's advise boost her she realizes her mistake. Again with her father secretly assisting her came to top once again.


8. Appa

    This movie comparatively shows the life of two father's of how they bring up their child having different ideas of doing. It depicts their struggle, pain, and happiness along the path. And eventually, one of them realizing his ideas were the ones which cost his son's life.


9.English Vinglish

   An Indian homemaker and a cook, Shashi is mocked by her family for not knowing English. But when she is sent ahead of her family to New York to support her relative in their wedding she utilizes the time to change her life by learning English secretly and accomplishing it. She amazes everyone her teacher, particularly her family by giving a speech about loving family in that marriage gaining her the certificate for English Proficiency without attending the exam.


10. Kanaa

   This movie speaks how Kousalya, the daughter of Murugesan, realizes her father's dream of seeing the Indian cricket team winning the world cup. The journey of a daughter who became a cricketer just to make father see India winning the world cup and fulfilling it.

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