Mini Ek Katha Movie Review: The New Amazon Prime Movies by Santosh Shobhan Misses the Mark

Directed by Karthik Rapolu, Mini Ek Katha offer us anything new, but in the end, it might not be doing it because it gets confused, just like the rom-com cliché. 

Santosh Shobhan and Kavya, thoth will find, which is part of the Oaktree the Mini-Katha. 
Title: Mini-Ek Katha 
Director:Kartik Rapolu 


When you're making movies for the forbidden subjects, the filmmakers tend to go for the " comic of the way " They feel that it is easier to convince the audience without making them feel uncomfortable.

Oaktree the Mini-Katha is a film that revolves around a man and his misconceptions about the size of his penis, which is open to the public as referred to in the movie, and at the end of it. 

Sitting in the doctor's office, Santosh (Santosh Shoban) tells the story of her past in her memories, her children, at this time, the victims of bullying that they are the doubts that had plagued him for the misunderstanding between him and his father, and how his first girlfriend abandoned him. All of this results from him because the problem is not the size of his penis, and he begins to look for ways to improve it. Of medicine at the pumps, one or the other. 

As most filmmakers believe that humor is incomplete without chaos, you indicate your best friend, Santosha Darshan (Sudarshan). He tells him about the Penis Enlargement Surgery (PES), and he feels more of a mess, no pun intended. Finally, there is only one solution for all the fundamental problems of our society-marriage-and it is there that Santosh's love story, with Amruta (Kavya and he will find out), will begin. 


The two main protagonists, Santosh Shobhan and Kavya, are a brand trying to fight, but the script doesn't give them an excellent feel to it. Even though Santosh was able to control himself and carry out the comic scenes, he did not have the opportunity to be adequately expressed in an emotional one. On the other hand, we didn't get much screen time to show our versatility as an actor. 

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Sraddha Dasa, who is a Seer that is, a revelation. The actress is playing a stubborn woman dedicated to her work. Ram Mohan (Brahmaji) allows you to accurately represent the role of the harassment of Santosh's father. Overall, though, the movie didn't make an impression, as it gets confused, just like the rom-com cliché to say it, and it never really gets to the heart of the matter. 


The song, Praveen Lakkaraju, falls into the story, except for the Ee Maya Lo. Musically, the track perfectly captures the spirit of Hyderabad, with its high-rise buildings and the subway. 


The Runtime is too long for you, and a lot of turmoil to keep up with it, and the letters are Melapaka Gandhi dilly-Dali in the main series. However, some moments bring a smile to the older man, the grandfather, the mysterious feet of Pooja Hegde. It established the Giri (Saptagiri) blueprint on the first night of friends and a suicidal mother and always be ready to run a game. 


Overall, the movie had a great plot and potential. Still, the difference is written in images, fears, Santosh and his tribulations in the life of misunderstandings, the size, and everything is lost.

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