Avengers Endgame Movie Review


Finally the long wait is over and it’s here. For the diehard fans of Avengers movies, we couldn’t wait for the release date of this. Cinemas are full and tickets are sold out, so this is a sign that the excitement and curiosity to watch it was over the top. I got the opportunity to go see it this last Sunday.

Avengers Endgame Movie Review

As usual I am not the type of person who watches the movie just after it’s gotten out. I usually wait and watch after everyone else has forgotten about it. I don’t know I think if there is so much hyper, sometimes the movie disappoints and it ends up not being as good as I thought it would.

I was wrong with this one, it was so good and I mean I really enjoyed it. I watched it in 3d so it felt like I was there with the Avengers Crew, lol!

The story was perfect, the actors were amazing, everyone played their roles very well. Some characters like Thor was given this other role to play and we got to see how he is good with that as well. His features were completely changed from the one we knew. But he nailed it.

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The scenery was great. Although it’s an action movies but there was comedy, we could laugh in something the character said or do. There were scenes that were so emotional and we had those power full scenes which made us shout from our sits, cheering and screaming as if they could hear us.

My favorite scene was when the other super heroes from Wakanda, Spiderman and others who joined the crew to support them in the war.

This part was so exciting I thought the avengers lost but Oh my we were given that surprise. Better believe I was shouting at the top of my lungs.

Overall I really enjoyed this movies, it was so much fun and worth it. It can be watched by a family and they will all enjoy it. But I have to warn you, after you are done watching you would want to become a superhero and start making choices of what powers you would wish to have, that’s what happened to me. I am just saying!

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