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UPSC exams have been postponed this year due to coronavirus lockdown all around the country. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams are one of the toughest exams of the world and require a lot of dedication and hard work.  The UPSC Civil Services Exam, popularly known as the IAS exam consists of 3 stages- Prelims, Mains, and interviews.  Cracking UPSC is not a magic wand thing. It requires a lot of dedication because UPSC is a government agency that selects the right candidates for serving the people of the country through administrative services. Through this exam, the candidates are selected for 24 services like IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. Every year around 10 lakh students fill up for these exams, out of which only half of them appear on the exam day and after the exams, only 1000 students make it to the success.  So, there must be something that makes up a person fully prepared for such an examination.



The top rankers have many times accepted in their interviews that they started their preparation 9-12 months before the examination and took its preparation quite seriously. This year, when the exams have been postponed so it has given the desired candidates an extra inch of strategy planning and extra minute of preparation. In UPSC, every minute counts because it’s a common saying that in the exam, everything comes that is under the sun.



To be fully prepared one must have focused planning and a serious study plan. Most people join costly coaching centers to have more focused study and determined classes but they often land up at the loss of time in traveling to the coaching centers and a lot of expense at their hand. This is where one thinks about joining some credible online classes but often gets puzzled in the web of online coaching classes. Also, in this pandemic, everyone is suggested to stay at home and do their study and job. This is where acts as a savior for a dedicated study. This is not a promotional stunt because education can never be paralleled with the amount of money involved and promotions. As the name suggests, easy Shiksha means it provides you easy ways of learning and grasping the knowledge of the concepts. Cracking UPSC is difficult but not impossible and it is possible only when we share some easy ways of learning combined with your dedication and perseverance. At easy Shiksha, you’ll get started with basics which are important to clear any big examination. You will find out that what actually UPSC, IAS, and CSE mean.



You’ll be able to get instant UPSC notifications, syllabus coverage, and all needed resources for it. With Easy Shiksha, you are guaranteed with easy and important bonus tips, way out for preparation while working and what not! Memory techniques, confidence lectures for an interview and creative ideas to clear exams are waiting for you at its doorstep.  Easy Shiksha has been ranked on number 1 with the most popular course in the examination, so when such a platform is offering you a course like UPSC with minimal fees and maximum informational knowledge then why to dice out at other corners. Appearing for an exam is a matter of fact on which the whole life depends. Thus, choosing a platform that provides easy access over mobile and computer with the richness of knowledge must definitely be the piece of cake for you.



When the govt. has postponed the exams and given all the aspiring students a greater chance to brush their knowledge and newcomers to begin its work in hand then why to waste time. These lockdown days have given a lot of time to give to preparation with the comforts of home. So to increase your productivity at this time, get yourself enrolled and put a foot forward in the course of success.

You can get on to and click for the UPSC course and then your step towards effective learning.





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