St. Stephen got permitted to add the new member by the court

The court conducted a hearing for the plea entitled  by the three educators and members of Governing body of the St. Stephen's College against the inclusion of a member of church in the interview committee.

The three eductors are- N P Ashley, Abhishek Singh and Nandits Narain.
During the trial, justice Malhotra said
“it doesn’t appear in any manner that the induction of a Christian member to the Governing Body for interviewing only the Christian candidates” was “violative” of Clause 5 of the college constitution.
Clause 5 which was used by  the  court states
“The Supreme Council of the College shall have no jurisdiction over the administration of the College.”
“I am not inclined to grant the stay… Interviews can go on. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do not consider it appropriate to stay the interview process… It’s confined to the Christian candidates alone… They are seeking to maintain their institution as they want it to be,”
told by the Justice Anu Malhotra.
“Our fear is that this creates avenues for a management quota,” said Matthews.He talked about the Supreme Court judgment of 1991 in St Stephen’s College vs University of Delhi where the court stated “interview is conducted by men of high integrity, calibre and qualification”.
“It says men of high integrity, calibre and qualification. It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s only the teachers… There’s nothing in the judgment which says what we are doing is prohibited,``
said A Mariaputham, senior advocate  who also is the Spokesperson of the college.


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