PM Modi helps by giving Rs 30 lakhs for the treatment of aplastic anemia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approaved  a grant of Rs Thirtry lakh for the treatment of  a girl suffering from aplastic anemia(condition when body stops producing new blood cells) and leaves a person at higher risk of infections and uncontrolled bleeding. As the girl is very poor and her family is left with no money for further treatment, her father had written to him seeking help for her treatment.



Sumer Singh says that "I request the government to help my daughter in getting the treatment of aplastic anemia. I have sold my land and even my house is mortgaged. I have  already spent Rs 7 lakh on her treatment" and now the only solution left with me is to die because now I dont have any money left. Responding to Sumer's letter, PM Modi's office gave the money from the Prime Minister's National Relief FundHer father also said that "Hospital told me that she needed a bone marrow transplant from her brother to survive as her bone has become useless and the cost required to carry out this operation would be Rs 10 lakh." 


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