Boards exams are 'PUNY MONSTERS'

Every student have been through board exam phase and knows well how the world around you behaves when you are about to give your exams . 


'You have to study hard beta' its a matter of future . You 'll be judged everywhere with this marks and we use to get nervous through it which is obvious when you are pressurized !


I'm on my career path nowadays and guess what ? those marksheets are just taken as birthproof certificate or as matter of document , exceptionally I'm asked just a few times what was the division of my percentage . And all they wanna hear is 1st division which measures the gap between 60% to 100% . So what If I scored 98% or 62% in my exams , I'll be judged on division criteria . In most of cases only this happens ! 


And morely this things don't even happen , you just need to be eligible or passed by your board exams .


In few academic courses where you need scholarships there this things matters the most but to be wide and practical no one cares . Unless you have just cleared it in fresh year and board exams results are trending on news and everywhere . Its a few months phase so don't worry . People have stupid habbit of going with trend .


Why not to worry for your marks ?


• Your efficiency is never determined through your marks but by your efforts .

• How do marks can define you when you are capable of everything and anything .

• Your path needs hard works and passion not good grades .

• Once you achieve something no one cares how you use to perform in exams . For example : Do you ever think of honourable APJ Abdulkalam that what he must have scored in exams . Seriously dumb factor na ! Your talent never awaits marksheets with good grades .


I nowhere said that you shouldn't study well or get low marks . All I meant was that its a streotype judging way what people have built and sometimes this judgements leads to major losses like suicide .


So basically it was for comforting you to acknowledge that its okay to score average marks , its okay to be just passed . People will judge you and then forget about it after while but don't let the judgement be a scar on your future that you aren't worthy ! 


People have made them monsters , everyone thinks it as matter of their pride and gets worried if its downgraded but its nothing . Its nothing but just a marksheet , an evidence that you were a student . 


If you still get nervous over your exam results remember what a very famous inventor said - 

 "Tomorrow is my exam but I don't care because a single sheet of paper can't decide my future "   -Thomas Edison 

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