The highest prize money till date: The ICC World Cup winner amount declared

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s Cricket World Cup is the 12th edition of the cricket World cup and is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30th May to 14th July 2019. This time the 10 team tournament has been decided to be awarded prize money of 10 million dollars, where the winning team has been divided to be awarded 4 million dollars and the runners u-p will be awarded 2 million dollars.


This prize money that has been declared has been the highest decided prize money to date. This will also include the Trophy that the winners would life at Lord’s on 14th July. Winners would receive the incentives for winning each of 45 league matches.


This time the World Cup is going to be held across 11 venues and the total prize money has been declared to be 10 million dollars of which 2 million dollars has been given to the runners up and 8,00,000 dollars to the defeated semi-finalists at the end of 46th-day tournament.


Below is the amount mentioned in this ICC world cup -2019


  • The winners of ICC World Cup 2019- 4 million dollars
  • The runners up of ICC World Cup 2019- 2 million dollars
  • Losing semi-finalists (2)- 8,00,000 dollars each
  • Winner of each League Stage match(45) – 40,000 dollars each

The total prize money thus sums up to 10 million dollars.


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