By - Shruti Gupta


For me, the worst mistake I ever made until now is the one I regret the most. It has been a burden on my shoulders ever since I did it. The mistake I'm referring to here is that day when I shouted at my mother. She was, as usual, persuading me to eat something before leaving the house for college. It is very common for me as I always wake up late in the morning and then rush my way to the college. That day I have crossed a limit. I had shouted at my mother for taking care of me, for worrying about me, for feeding me and for supporting me. 


Later, I had apologized to my mother after coming back from college. It was really awkward for me. I was constantly thinking about how I shall face her, what will I say? My mind was reminding me of all the love and care I have been receiving from her and the idiotic mistake I had done. I knew what I did was unforgivable but still, I wanted to apologize. I came home and tried to avoid my mother because I didn't know how to face her. After around half an hour my mother called me to eat some snacks, this time I silently went to her and took the plate back to my room. My mother was smiling at me because she knew I was feeling apologetic. Later I came back to return the plate in the kitchen and said sorry to my mother and again she smiled. 


I have been in many conflicts with my mother because I generally lose my temper but she is the one who says calmly. After every conflict, I use to feel apologetic for my words and use to say sorry. With the passage of time, I realized that anger is the reason behind all conflicts and rather than apologizing after saying harsh words, I should start controlling my anger and be calm.

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