Failure : The Real Parameter of Success

Life is one long struggle in the dark and failures in life is a very important factor in determining the scope success of a person. Coping up with failures and not quitting, are the parameters which decide our desire for anything we want in life. Its seven times we fall, but getting up for the eight-time is what matters. No one enjoys the taste of success until he goes through his share of failures in life. Almost each one of us is struggling in our own stories in different ways. We might not know the struggle of the person sitting next to us, so it's very important to be polite with everyone we come across. Some people might not have the same share of problems that the other person has.


But every drop of tear and bloodshed today becomes the river of happiness tomorrow. The very common day to day life demands, family expectations, social pressures and self-confidence act as a catalyst in the hard work and efforts we are putting. The pressure is actually equally important just to be focused and keen. But these expectations and pressures must be kept within realistic frames. Everyone should be viewed as someone who might have different capabilities and their own capacity of doing things. It should always be kept in mind that not every finger is the same. Everyone is special in their own way, too much pressure or expectations can kill the reality of one person. Too much of it might lead to depression and low- self-esteem, which might take terrible turns in their life.


Whatever one does should be enjoyed and done with full commitment. Failures might hit our road unexpectedly, at the times we least expect it. One might put his sweat and blood to do something but still might fail. Failures come with their own share of sorrows and hard times, but learning to cope up with it, is necessary to be successful. Success is determined by how we grow through the tough days and still stand strong. Success means never quitting. Whenever one targets something, one must learn how to fail at it. If you fail and still stand up, that alone makes you a winner. It is rightly said that winners don't quit and quitters never win.





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