Blogger Of The Month: ‘Sumit Sharma’

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Blogger Of The Month: ‘Sumit Sharma’


Been climbing every mountain

And crossing every stream

Been dreaming of this pleasant land

And of things I’ve never seen

The grey has turned to brightest blue

The mist has moved aside

The sun belts down upon me now

I’m sweeping with the tide

But without this adventure

I would not see the light

I’d still be stuck in no man’s land

Instead, I chose this flight.


These poetic words personify the self-motivated resilience of an illustrious Travel Blogger Sumit Sharma who runs a successful travel blog named ‘Instatravelstyle’. He may comparatively be new to the world of travel blogging but he is already making waves by simultaneously building a loyal fan following.

‘Instatravelstyle’ is a name to reckon with unparalleled fresh perspectives about traveling. You literally cannot get enough of his information-rich blog posts and breathtaking visual treats as he explores the home country with his unwavering passion for travel. If you are in the quest for travel inspiration, valuable travel tips and relevant products, ‘Instatravelstyle’ is one of the pertinent blogs to watch out for.

Meet Sumit Sharma, one of the most promising new-age travel bloggers who has been successful in carving an inimitable identity for himself in the realm of travel blogging. The sheer purity and imaginativeness that does flow through his blog posts are sure to enthuse the wanderlust in you.

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Sumit Sharma Interview with Hiranshi Mehta

In this interview with Hiranshi Mehta, Sumit Sharma shares his spellbinding journey of recognizing his passion for travel blogging and how ‘Instatravelstyle’ became a thriving travel blog.


Please do tell us something about yourself?

While primarily a senior digital marketing executive with Accenture, I would always look forward to an opportunity to travel as trekking is one of my favorite hobbies. I believe it was my brilliant eye for photography, my penchant to explore a variety of authentic regional cuisines, and of course my love for traveling served as perfect ingredients to bring out the blogger in me.

The Year 2016 proved to be a life-defining year for me as I pursued a road trip to Mount Abu and Udaipur. During this road trip, I began immersing in untranslatable yugen. I began realizing that how traveling allows you an escape in the form of an opportunity to perceive the world from altogether a different perspective. It allows you to be a witness of the countless hardships that people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. The way traveling continued to broaden my perspectives in myriad ways; I began realizing that it is gradually turning into an instrument to cherish the sense of remarkable gratefulness for enjoying the modern- day comforts.

After I returned from the trip, I conceptualized a blog named ‘Digitalsumit’ and uploaded a few videos on YouTube that I did shot in Udaipur. However, soon I realized that to tap my potential of blogging, I need to re-conceptualize the entire vision of sharing my travel experiences and that’s what gave birth to the ‘Instatravelstyle’. is primarily about everything instant be it travel, fashion, food or a lifestyle. It is not merely about captivating sunshine, arresting sunsets and enthralling tropical beaches. As I believe in empowering my blog readers with an essential insight into what it is like to live in India as well as perceive its vibrant culture in a sui generis manner.


Which all destinations you have visited so far and which destination you found the most exotic and you would love to visit again?

I have visited numerous destinations so far but the picturesque beauty of Sikkim is truly beyond words. The major part of the landscape of Sikkim is covered by exotic flora and fauna. Jammu is yet another destination that I found equally scenic.


As a travel blogger, I strive to describe the destinations and places in a distinctive manner. However, there are a few experiences like the above ones that are breathtakingly stunning to put down in words.

When I travel, every day is different than other, devoid of fixed routines, specific rules and expectations. For me, travel is an instrument that keeps monotony at bay and infuses adventure in my life so I never mind repeating visiting the destinations.


Can you highlight a few of your strengths that helped you in your blogging career?

My digital marketing experience and video editing skills are undoubtedly my biggest strengths that have helped to accomplish considerable success in a short span.

When I travel, I prefer savoring the experiences of home-stays. I love to strike conversations with the local folks and cab drivers to learn engrossing elements about their culture to offer fresh and unique travel perspectives to my readers.


How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style revolves around authenticity. I strive to highlight all the pros and cons of vivid travel elements related to a specific destination. I strive to connect with my readers by offering virtual travel tales. My travel ideology i.e. ‘Live like a local while you travel’ enables me to curate simple yet beautifully crafted travel blog posts. These posts indeed allow its readers to transport to the destination and impart a feeling as if they are traveling along with me as they go on to capture the essence of a local culture in a virtual mode.


What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

The biggest service a travel blogger can provide is genuine travel experiences. The success of a travel blogger lies in putting efforts to connect with the audiences. In simple words, a travel blogger needs to ensure that his travel blog posts are empowered with the smartly written travel tips and exotic photography to draw the readers’ right into the travel tales. After all, when someone has traveled to plenty of spectacular destinations, readers expect something unique knowing that he has intriguing travel stories to tell.


Tell us about your proudest achievement?

Every achievement has brought an equal amount of delight to me. My travel blog has found its way in the list of Top travel bloggers. So far I have collaborated with 50 brands belonging to the diversified verticals. A few top brand names include J & K Tourism Board (Directorate of Tourism Jammu), Cox & Kings, Adidas, Taj Hotels, Titan Watches, Radisson Blu, IBM Smartcamp, Blogmint, Money view App, and many more. My travel blog has been featured by Travel Triangle, Hello Travel & LBB (India). The total reach (Blog+ Social Media) accounts for 40+K followers. So, reflecting on my journey, I feel that I am making swift progress and can feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeling of achievement and progress is indeed a magnificent combination that becomes my ultimate drive to excel in my blogging career.


Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

Many eminent travel bloggers have influenced me to a great extent. Browsing through their blogs is indeed a brilliant starting point for anyone who intends to move in the same direction, both psychologically and geographically as their blog posts are sure to inspire and inform. Blogs like NomadicJony by Jony, DesigirlTraveller by Priyanka, Ghoomakad by Sahil do inspire and fuel the fernweh in their blog readers and become a foolproof guide to aspirant bloggers like me.


In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

There are diversified travel motives. For few it is about embracing the inner bravery for few it is about exploring perspectives out of myriad elements while traveling. For me, it is about blending diversified motives to empower travel aspirants through sharing valuable insights and suggestions. Accolades certainly boost my motivation. After making a mark in my country, I am looking forward to international collaboration. I aim to achieve a position where my travel blog becomes influential enough to prompt readers to begin daydreaming about where should be their upcoming exotic travel destination. For that, I am putting in all the hard work that I can by posting information-rich content and awe-inspiring images capturing the pure dreamy essence of the vivid travel tales.


Would you like to offer a few valuable suggestions to aspiring travel bloggers?

Whether you are an experienced traveler toying with an idea to start a travel blog or you are a nascent traveler aspiring to make a mark in the blogging career, remember that you need not quit your job. The majority of people believe that blogging is a full-time commitment. However, after running a travel blog successfully while continuing my job, I can vouch for a fact that you can pursue blogging part-time and yet achieve success.

First and foremost, it takes a while to get your feet on the ground initially whenever you start something new. Perseverance is the key to successful blogging. As you go on to post content, keep your focus intact on offering quality-content.

As far as collaborations are concerned, do not hesitate to work for free initially. If you are sincere and dedicated, gradually paid collaborations will start pouring. Try to look for creative ways to build a strong social media following. Try Wordpress as it is a wonderful digital medium. Enrich your content by integrating visual treats to engage the utmost attention of your readers. Last but not least; enjoy your blogging journey, try to learn more every day, never lose the passion and the penchant for what you do.


About the Author:

A Copywriter, an Image Architect, an Apparel Designer, a Brand Strategist, Hiranshi Mehta is National Creative Head with ‘TheNationalTv’. Her epistemophilic personality epitomizes her winning personality traits. Outside her professional life, she has a distinctive vantage on world talents and the concept of altruism, the conventional underpinnings of diverse shades of life and of course the creative prowess to blend it all together.


About the CEO:

An Educationist, an Entrepreneur, a Visionary Leader, but above all, a remarkable sophophile, Mr Sunil Sharma’s aptitude is not new but it has been discounted as many people fail to appreciate his larger-than-life vision. Nevertheless, he believes in being a trailblazer in the milieu of initiating revolutions in a country that is eager to embrace the vivid cultural and social transformations to make its presence felt on the world’s map.


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