7 Useful Tips for Car owners in 2019


The majority of car owners don't understand the technical specifications of their vehicle. The aim of this article is to uncover simple methods to troubleshoot and avoid problems.

  • Knowledge about the warning lights that blink in your car's dashboard is a perfect way to identify most of the issues. Every dashboard has indicators that are related to a specific part or certain functions in a car. Keeping a watchful eye on them while you drive help fix issues easily. These lights are generally in the off mode, at any normal driving condition.

         Definitely that’s a good way to begin. These indicators might vary from car to car. Pick up your manual from the car and give it a read to know

about the functions of the dashboard indicators.Image result for happy car owners

  • The Sun’s radiation will fade away your car’s colour. To avoid this during Hot Sunny days it is best to cover up your car.
  • When you come to know that your car’s new battery is dead, no worries it may be due to one of the following reasons failure of the alternator, vice-versa connection of positive and negative wires or wiring & earthing issues.
  • It is always better to check your car’s wheel alignment on a regular basis because by doing so you can avoid driving discomfort and increase your Tyre’s life span.
  • Your car’s air conditioner is not working efficiently then it may be due to low refrigerants or leaks in pipelines.
  • Use of worn out brake pads or settlement of brake dust in the brake drum may initiate some noise while using brakes.
  • It is not advisable to let your car be in standby for not more than two to three weeks because it leads to several issues such as battery draining, reduction of tyre air pressure and collection of moisture content that leads to corrosion.

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