You can see future only if.....

I know this makes no sense but have you ever felt that you can see future. It is about 3-4 days back thing, I got one random idea that my friend will come in Pune and we will meet. It was one of the same random thought that I get every second. But just morning only she called and asked if I am free as she is coming here.

When I was in eighth I thought like I wanted to be a pharmacist. It was just again like my random thought but just now I am pursing pharmacy degree. Like these two I got many random thoughts like I will get 90% in boards, I will go to my grandma’s native place, I will go our farm. But these remained as thoughts not came in reality.

I believe that what thoughts come in mind they act like influencer. I get many random ideas but some of them become reality. The reason behind is the wish. Desire is the thing which make impossible things possible. You might have heard that Bollywood dialogue which says that if you wish, desire something strongly then whole world helps you to get it.

The whole world in that sentence is like if you trying something hard or desire something from the depth of heart then it is going to happen. I was craving to meet my friend so it came true. Humans are the being who learned about so much things. But there is still some things has to learn about it self only.

Have you know that everyone has the power to see future. If I wish to be a pharmacist then I have to study hard. Before going to Pharmacy College if I thought about how I will lead my life after four years a pharmacist then my hard efforts and desire will make it happens. This is seeing the future in some sense.

I know life is unpredictable but do not forget your desire has hidden strength which is to be discovered. My belief is that to have no want is divine. But it is not like that take my example only after achieving one thing I want to achieve next thing. This is the process which is going to continue till death. Give chance to create future by doing endless efforts.

We should watch our thoughts. If we hold kind thoughts, we do kind acts. If we feel envy, jealousy, malice, it is shown in our lives, for it brings discontent and unhappiness. Constructive, creative thinking the kind that will improve and uplift mankind is just as natural and necessary to rightful living as are health, honesty, joy and abundance, which are the fruitage of right thinking.

On the other hand negative, antagonistic, critical thinking is unnatural, abnormal and unnecessary, and is non-creative and non-productive.  

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