Unemployment: A giant needed to be solved by India


The unemployment rate which has now reached to a “45 year high “ has created much havoc among the youth especially . One of the critical aspect to be looked upon is the ratio of unemployment among “urban educated youth” being more that that of rural area.The situation is more grave as the urban areas are often seen as a plethora of jobs and opportunities for employment.While dwelling deeper into the issue one finds,the dire need for skilled labour along with boost in vacancies and opportunities at the same time. Everytime,newspapers are flooded with  MBAs,Engineers,graduates filing forms for “cleric” vacancies. For India to become a super power there is a dire need for the employment sector to boost up and provide opportunities and jobs to the jobseekers. The pattern shows the probability of “not finding a suitable job” directly linked to increase in “higher education”. The situation is grim because a lot of people take up jobs much lesser than capabilities due to ever increasing cut throat competition.


Recently a survey done by the Centre for Equity studies (CES) titled ‘Between Aspiration & Despair: Government Jobs & The Predicament of The Educated Unemployed’ revealed that “The perception of private sector jobs is dominantly negative. Many respondents who have worked in the private sector reported their working conditions undesirably exploitative and wages below par.”As a result a lot of millennials choose to sit for government exams and thus we find lakhs of candidates for vacancies of even upto hundred numbers. Moreover,a shift is visible in the age bracket of the unemployment youth for the country.According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) for 2017-18, the higher unemployed share of youth has shifted from the 15-19 age group rising towards 20-29 age group in the past decade.Thus,a signified presence of rise in higher education and willingness for a more time to get suitable jobs.


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