Swami Vivekanand (A Great Hero)


The swami’s real name was Narendranath Dutta, and he was born on January 12, 1863, in Calcutta. His father was a learned man and his mother pious and god-fearing. His father was well versed in both English and Hindi. From his early childhood, his mother with her pious nature had a great influence on the child Narendranath. His mother used to teach him personally, and she taught him the languages of English and Bengali. He studied in colleges in Calcutta and graduated from Scottish Church College. After he completed his graduation, he went to study law. He was not able to pursue this to the end as his father died when he was still in the process of studying and his financial position made him leave the studies. Narendranath was also a good singer and once, Ramakrishna Paramhansa happened to hear him singing some devotional songs and then Narendra was invited to the Kali temple at Dakshineswar.


Ever since Narendra was a small child, he had nursed the desire to see God but no saint could enlighten the child on the subject. However, now with Paramhansa, he was told by him that, just as one can see any human being, he can also see God. This simple explanation did not satisfy the young Narendra and he wanted to get proof from the saint. However, at that time there was talk on the subject but, with the passage of time. Narendra had a wonderful experience in his life and henceforth became a disciple of the saint. What he was taught by his Guru was that, God lives in all human beings, so by serving mankind an individual serves God. This taught Narendra a lesson of a lifetime and, as he grew, he established the Ramakrishna Mission which is even today engaged in social service to the poor and the disabled. This same young man Narendra later came to be known as a Swami Vivekanand, when he became a religious preacher or a monk. Besides Godliness, Swami Vivekanand taught us the essence of nationalism. He wrote” Our sacred motherland is the land of religion and philosophy, the birthplace of spiritual giants. He passed away in 1902.




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