Story of the silence: Silence also has sound

You have to close your eyes, close your eyes like you are lost somewhere. You need to be a deep sleep. Sleep in which dream is where nothing left in this world for you. And you have to remain asleep till silence come to wake you up. It will let you follow itself and it will show you how lonely it is and where he sits all alone. He wants a friend but everyone just lost in voice, he walks to talk but it will break itself, so he communicate people with the mind and heart.' You need a friend', a feeling release inside my body like someone talking to me.


I was shocked but the humble voice relief me and then I saw the innocent smile on silence face. I give it my hand and he slowly tells me about himself then he asked about me but I had no answer. And suddenly a spark flew from my heart and tell it who I am which I was unaware of myself, and after that we have a long talk and his gigs which made me laugh harder than I ever had, it finally said go back to sleep again which I did as I don't wanna lost my friends but when I woke up again he was gone but giving me myself and smile on my face. You can always find your way back home. Just listen to your heart.


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