Slow & Steady Wins the Race

One of the ironies of life is: all feel the wisdom of the above saying, know the definite advantages that result from the following it, but fail to the benefit by putting it into practice. This has a universal application. It is also observed daily that people not following this, come to grief. Nevertheless, either through illness, overconfidence, indifference, or foolishness, this maximizes more honored in the breach than in the observance. The bad effects of not practicing it are markedly seen in the case of students who generally work only by fits and starts.


Just before the examin hydration, they find to their despair and bewilderment that they can never cover the whole course and pass the examination. The following story illustrates the truth. Once a hare jeered tortoise for its slowness when the latter challenged the former to a running race. Upon the hare accepting the challenge, without losing a moment the tortoise began running the race slowly and steadily while through over-confidence in its superiority or contempt for the poor pace of the tortoise, the hare had a nap for sometime somewhere in the middle of the course. To its grief, it found that the tortoise had got to the winning post earlier.





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