When 75% people in this world can love other people without completely knowing them then why only 25% people can love themself even after knowing them completely? Dont you think that we should find answer about this.Many people think that self-love means selfishness but in real world this is not the case. When even you cant love yourself how can you expect another to love you. You have to really love yourself to get the things of your own life to be sorted in perfect line. Your soul will never be fully nourished till you love yourself,your soul first needs your own love. The more you care about yourself the more you will grow and will face less shit in this cruel world. Be in love with the person you see in the mirror.Compare yourself with the yesterday's you, measure the progress done in comparision to you.If you compare yourself with other people then you will be never happy and will always feel that you are something less and even after running a rat race you will always feel half.The only solution to stay happy and enjoy your life is SELF-LOVE. The more you love the more happy and successful you will be. 

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