We can say that generally CSR  is  a concept whereby the companies they decide voluntarily to contribute to a better society and also a cleaner environment. We can also say that Corporate Social Responsibility takes the raw material from the society and in return give something back to the society.CSR has a wide scope in today’s time in order to provide better life to the people living in the society. It owes a kind of responsibilities towards the society for providing better standard of living to the workforce and their families as well as the society at large. Further I would say that Corporate Social Responsibility is an initiative taken by the companies to assess and take over all the responsibilities for maximizing the company’s welfare and to gain sufficient profit for the company and in the same time it affects the environment and has impact on the social welfare also.
" Let's us currently gaze down into what are the advantages that are delighted in by the Company when it settles on starting the extremely testing duties towards business that is strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility" 
 Improved budgetary execution 
 Enhanced brand picture and notoriety 
 Increased Sales and Customer dependability toward the organization 
 Greater profitability and quality 
 More capacity to pull in and hold representatives 
 Access to Capital 
 Workforce decent variety 
 Product security and diminished obligation 
 Reduced Regulatory Oversight 
 Lower working expenses 
So these are the will be the advantages that is appreciated by the organization if the organization wants to receive the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility. The principle thought behind the corporate social duty is that the organizations have numerous obligations to keep up. Corporate Social Responsibility Acts as securing layer for any business. 
Corporate Social Responsibility Acts a Tool for upgrading the administration of the organization just as amplifying the benefits. The Concept of CSR is presently immovably established on the worldwide business plan. 
Presently given us a chance to discussion of the positive result of Corporate Social Responsibility on Environment, that are :- 
 Greater utilization of sustainable assets 
 Greater material recyclability 
 Better item strength and usefulness 
"There are four sorts of corporate social duty that are extremely significant" 
• Legal Responsibilities :- If we talk about the sorts of Corporate Social Responsibility then the first and the most urgent one is the " Legal Responsibility" which expresses that An organization's lawful obligation are the essential prerequisites that are set on it by the law. Further it helps the organization in guaranteeing that it complies with all laws. 
• Ethical Responsibilities: - The second sort of duty is "Moral Responsibility" , by and large we realize that financial and lawful duties are the two major commitments of an organization . Moral Responsibilities are simply the duty that an organization puts on itself since its proprietor has confidence in its correct activity and not as a result of the commitment to do as such. 
• Economic Responsibilities: - The third sort of corporate social duty is " Economic Responsibility " which basically implies An organization's first obligation is its monetary obligation as an organization should be fundamentally worried about turning a benefit . When all is said in done discernment in the event that we look down I might want to state that " Before an organization considers being a decent corporate resident , it rather needs to ensure that it very well may be gainful first. 
• Philanthropic Responsibilities :- The fourth sort of obligation which we are talking about here is "Magnanimous Responsibilities" which says on the off chance that an organization can make its everything different duties ,, at that point it can start meeting charitable duties . They are the duties that go well beyond what is basically required or what the organization trusts it is correct. 
The reasons why an organization needs to grasp Corporate Social Responsibility is generally partitioned into number of reasons . 
 Firstly for cost sparing 
 Secondly , for long haul thinking 
 Thirdly, it can help in client commitment 
 Fourthly, it helps in worker's commitment 
 Fifthly, it helps in development
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