Moving On From a Toxic Relationship!

Have you ever looked at your partner and wondered, whether he/she is right for you or not? Oh obviously, you must be thinking how stupid question is this because if they were not right for you then why would you be with them, right? But sometimes unknowingly we enter into a relationship which is not good for our mental health. Reasons might be many, your partner might have changed now, you both might not be compatible with each other, lack of understanding, insecurity and many more things which we will discuss later on. Right now we are talking about a partner who is good enough to be with, a healthy relationship. And the reason behind this is major that, if you're not in the right relationship with the right person, you should walk straight away. Because this is important for your mental, physical and emotional health. You won't even get to know but slowly and gradually wrong relationship, with its sweet poison will dig your happiness dip down. How to check whether you are in the right relationship or not? Does your partner make you feel Worthy? Worthy as in, does he makes you feel that you are important for them? Not with their words, but with their actions do they make you feel that you really play an important role in their life? Making you feel worthless is the worst thing a partner can do.


Not only things have value but humans too have their own value, and you deserve to be treated in a way that makes you feel better and important. The first responsibility of your partner is that they should never make you feel bad about yourself. If you're feeling that you are not important for your partner anymore or they are taking you for granted then you need to talk to them about this, ask them to show you that you are important. Believe me, communicating your problems as well as solutions to those problems to your partner makes things way better. Try to explain your point to your partner and try to understand their point of view. Besides being a good speaker you are always required to be a good listener, so just listen to your partner's point of view as well and try to understand it too. Do they respect you, your feelings, your opinions? We have heard a lot about respect from everyone, but do we really apply this in our own life? Do we really back off from people who don't respect us? Honestly, we don't. We will talk about this further, firstly let us see whether your partner respects you or not. Respect is not only about not abusing each other, or not being violent, its more than that.


Respecting means, respecting, and paying attention to each other's opinions and giving them value. Not just treating your partner well publicly but even privately. If your partner is two different people in and out, then maybe its gonna be dangerous for you. If your partner fakes in front of their friends about the way they treat you then, maybe they are not the right one. If they continuously let you down and make you feel low by kind of words they use, by their actions then they are not the ones you deserve. It's not me who will decide that thus your partner respects you or not, it's you who have to make this decision.


Hurting your feelings, your body, your soul everything comes under disrespecting and one's you have noticed this then you should walk away from that toxic person. Walking away is not easy, not at all. Walking away from the person you have stayed connected from so long on every level, emotional, mental, physical, is not easy. Because it's not easy so you choose to stay with that person, even after hurting yourself so many times. Moving on takes time, but remember... "Temporary pain is better than Permanent one, and it's you who have to decide you want to go through that temporary pain or break yourself into pieces day by day." Do they really love you? The answer to this question is really tough! You are not sitting in your partner's heart so you can't see whether they love you or they are just faking love, honestly, faking love is really easy. It just takes 2-3 cheesy lies.


Your person might be there with you only for their physical desires, for money, you never know. You are not in their mind. You can't read it. If they are continuously asking you for making out even after you telling them that you are not ready now and you don't really feel like, then maybe they are lacking behind in understanding your feelings and emotions. Taking steps slowly in a relationship is very important, don't just rush with your relationship. You have a lot of time with your partner, take steps gradually and slowly. Don't do any such things at an early stage which will make you regret later. Take time to know whether your partner genuinely loves you or faking love.


Does your partner support you in achieving your goal? It is one of the most important qualities of a good relationship. You should have a partner who constantly motivates you and supports you to be the best version of yourself, not because they don't love you the way you are but because they know your potential and they know that being a better person will make you feel more proud on yourself. They keep on supporting you and motivating you to achieve your goals. They stand by your side through every thick and thin. They make you realize your full potential, and believes in you more than you believe in yourself.


They should know that you deserve more and they won't become an obstacle in your way, rather become support which you can take and reach your goals and you should become the same for your partner too. Being insecure in a relationship is normal, but you have to be aware that how far you're taking this insecurity. Sooner or later this insecurity can turn into a problem for you and your partner. You might notice your partner being jealous of someone close to you, it's your responsibility to make them feel secure but even after your attempts your partner still doubts on you and is insecure than it will create a serious problem for you in long run. You never know how far insecurity a person can go, they might start doubting you on every other thing, they might start spying on you which will make you feel caged later. It is very important for you to recognize these insecurities and clear them with your partner as soon as possible and if you fail in making them understand, you should walk away before falling into any serious problem. Leaving a Toxic Relationship If you've recognized that your partner is not right for you now its time for you to leave them and end this relationship.


Ending a relationship might not be an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to end a toxic relationship, though you end that tag of relationship mentally you are still connected with that person. It takes time to move on from a toxic relationship. You'll feel really bad and sad about leaving your partner with whom you have stayed for so long. Its really tough for you to leave a person with whom you have spent your days, hanging out, making out, playing, chatting, and doing many more other stuff. You'll feel broken and will want to get back to them even though you know this really well that they are not right for you, but because you are so weak to be alone and leave that person that you are ready to settle for less and get back into a toxic relationship.


Try to know your value, try to know that you deserve better. Moving on may be a tough task, it will make you cry every night for months, years maybe. But once you're done, then you're done. You won't be hurting yourself daily because of the wrong person. And what can be better than loving yourself? Start loving yourself, make yourself a priority. No one can treat you as good as you can treat yourself. Take out time for you, introspect within yourself, make yourself better not for anyone else this time but for yourself. Because you know you have the potential to become more and you can be the best version of yourself.

"Stop settling for less, You deserve more. Leave a toxic relationship with a person and move towards a better relationship with yourself."





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