Life Coach vs Psychiatrist

Anyone at any point of time in life may feel an urge to seek advice or support from an outsider. Name it psychiatrist, a counsellor, a mentor or a life coach. There are still a majority of the people who may often get confused between these two terms i.e. Life Coach and Psychiatrist.

To begin with a psychiatrist, it is a profession that demands thorough knowledge with an apt license. In simple words, a psychiatrist is more like a medical doctor who is eligible to treat patients for mental illness, numerous kinds of behavioural disorders, abuse, etc. A psychiatrist may also require prescribing medicines in case if the need arrives.

While a life coach may or may not require formal education. The success of life coach depends on his emotional quotient, his empathy and listening abilities. Life coaches cannot prescribe medicines unless they are also certified as medical practitioners.  The major task of a life coach revolves around motivating its client to push boundaries to achieve more.

In simple words, life coaches mainly work on removing various kinds of blockages so that an individual may embark on a journey towards achieving success. There may be different kinds of blockages that may prevent an individual to lead a joyful and successful life. They include relationship blockages, career blockages, money blockages, etc.

To sum up, it is not that tricky to figure out whether you need to seek a life coach’s help or a psychiatrist. If self-destruction, violence and suicidal tendencies are overpowering you, it is a high time that you pay a visit to a psychiatrist. If it is just about making swift progress, challenging your limits, and gaining confidence, you can proceed with seeking an appointment with a life coach. In the end, it is about acknowledging that you need help that too on a serious note.

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