Lets play the game of imagination


If I tell you to draw a picture of a baby what picture will come to your mind? Take a pause and think don't read the next sentence. I am damn sure 80% percent of people must have drawn a round face with a smile and two hairs on the head to make it look like a baby. Now draw a picture of the house and all you will draw is the one that was taught to you in junior kg.


The last question draws a picture of INNOVATION did you drawn the picture of bulb and lines outside it or brain inside it. Amazed naa? How did I knew it this is because our mindset is same the first thing that comes to our mind after listening to any word should be uniques but as all of us was taught the same things come in our all minds which are known as COMMON MINDSET which is not good because if we have a common mindset then we can't be creative or can imagine out of the box.


We will always think inside the box whatever was taught to us and our brain will never know that ohh even I can do this in this way. So it is your duty to train your brain how to think in a different manner then only your answer can be unique and can be praised by everyone, because if you think out of the box and talk something different the people with you feel like ohh this person gives great idea and this is when you become a center of attraction. 

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