Honesty, the Best Policy | Proverbs | Life Quotes


In today's world, honesty is a rare quality. Most people prefer comforts to good character. If you have not succeeded in life or made a lot of money or risen high you are looked down upon. ?The reason for all those good things not happening to you was perhaps because you were honest.

These days, honesty is believed to be a hindrance to achieving success quickly. So many people have started using unfair or crooked ways to get what they want. However, what none of we seem to realize is that the gains got by dishonest means are merely for a short time - they do not last forever. They may serve our purpose for the moment but the seeds of dishonesty reap a bitter harvest. Therefore, in the long run, honesty is the best policy.

Besides being a virtue that should be practiced, we should also remember that it is appreciated by all like a man's true worth. Material benefits are temporary but the respect and high esteem of our fellow human beings are long-lasting and follow us into eternity.





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