Handsome is as Handsome Does!


A suitable quotation indeed, for man is always judged by his actions! There are many shades of 'BEAUTY ' which can be viewed from outside. However, there is the spiritual side that refers to the beauty of the soul---an inner beauty. The inner and outer sides of beauty combine to make a complete personality. If we aim to do good deeds, there are countless ways of doing them. We can help the needy bu donating money and clothes, on work towards improving the conditions of the helpless and poor. Nowadays voluntary organizations encourage people to join them in helping others.


We need not do big things; in our own little way, we can be of help to society. For example, we can feed a starving man, help the sick, educate a poor child by paying the school fees and buying books, and uniform for him/her. This is what 'handsome' really means. A good person's equalities shine and attract others as well. Gandhiji, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, and many other personalities have become symbols of sacrifice, hope, and kindness, a guiding lamp in the darkness. People are not really judged by their wealth or outward appearance, for the beauty that is just skin deep, is no beauty at all. It is a thing layer of beauty that is destroyed with time, while the inner beauty lives in forever.





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