Giving Love Will Make a Living

Life sometimes takes us to a point where we equate stuff to other stuff. As people, we are like judging things on the basis of their merits. We enjoy being offered items as gifts or bonuses from others. Gains also offer a special sense of comfort. There is a feeling of appreciation and quality that rides our minds with every benefit! But we should also inhibit a tendency of giving or exchanging items, to expect something. If we're a miser, then at our end things get pretty harsh. We are always looking for investments that yield high outputs. Most of us are succumbing to deceitful ways in search of that. But there is one thing that we have in abundance and that we can share every time with an expectation of benefit, and that is Love. Love is sweet and faithful. It knows no deception or malice. The measure in which you decide to pour out love to someone, in the same or a higher measure in return that you can expect. Only while sharing love with another can one benefit. Even the pure sense of contentment and happiness is overwhelming.


A person we love is always looking to us really close to him. There is a mystical connection between them, whenever we want to share that passion. Within this fast-changing world, where emotions find it hard to flourish and live, the true essence of a relationship is still wondered at. Relationships have grown to be like a contract negotiated upon and pursued by two parties only for the purpose of moving it forward. Therefore the key component of a relationship is absent, that is, love! We have become numb to love-sharing and are thus on the verge of losing its meaning in our lives. Our lifetime goal will be to share the meaning of love with just as many people we encounter.


Love is only one-dimensional but it has many expressive facets. A message of affection and care can symbolize love. A handshake may be an exponent of passion or a warm embrace. The way we react to other people around us is a reflection of our actions and attitude. Life also gives us chances to show us just how much we care for and respect them. Many people remain resistant to feelings like passion and seem rigid in their ego. These habits can impact harmfully on one's personality. An overall growth includes grooming in all respects and the main component of the same is sharing love with each other.




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