Fun Things to Do in Hampi

Hampi is a small village and also a UNESSCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India and has a significant mark in the Hindu Mythologies specially Ramayana. It is said to be the home of Lord Rama. 
There are many fun and exciting things you can do when you are in the beautiful Hampi. So let us read down to know what makes Hampi so popular and loved.

Fun Things to Do in Hampi

Tungabhadra River
Take a taxi boat and go for a ride  or you can also go and visit the Tungabhadra dam and relax and enjoy the view, it’s one of the best places in Hampi to have great photo shoots. 

Take a bicycle on rent and relive your childhood. Explore all the ruins of Hampi. Enjoy your trip in Hampi with some adventure. It will be so exciting to cycle around the greenery.

Monkey Hill
You  can’t miss to take a selfie standing on the top of the monkey hill. It will capture the whole Hampi. You will be around many monkeys and get the vibes of Vaanar Sena from Ramayana. 

Virupaksha Temple
Is a pilgrimage centre to many devotees across the world. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built during the era of Vijayanagara Empire.
There are many other small temples which you can visit and know about their history from a local guide, Vijaya Vittala temple Hanuman temple, Laxmi Narasimha temple, Genesha temple, are some of them.

Matanga Hill
If you are a morning person, enjoy the sunrise from Matanga Hill and if you are not then never mind sunset is in store for you. This experience will be a complete visual treat to your eyes. 

Coconut Water
The sweetest coconut water you will find in every corner of Hampi. It helps to beat the sun and stay energized. It's affordable and a very healthy medium to stay hydrated.

You can enjoy your meal in the roof-top cafes of Hampi. Veg thalis have prominent spots in the menu cards. Soda goli is available as refreshment drink in the cafes as alcohol is banned in Hampi.

If you are a nature lover and   don’t want to stay in the extravagance. You have an awesome alternative  by living in the village    hutwhich are near the rice paddy fields.

Go for a swim in the lakes. Keep in mind to avoid swimming in the river because crocodiles can be there and it will be risky. 

Hampi Bazaar
It was once home to nobles of Vijayanagara Empire and one of the first ancient open malls. Present day it is known for street shopping and its aesthetics. It is filled with handmade clothes, jewelleries and antiques.

Archaeological Museum
For the history lovers, it's in bucket list. The museum is divided into four art galleries with huge amount of vibrant artefacts.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary
For wild life lovers it's a protected  forest area for Indian Sloth Bears where you can see them playing with each other and   also wild animals like jackals, leopards and deers and plants. 

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