Doing Nothing is the toughest job

World’s toughest job is something everyone wonders about, once in their lifetime. According to every individual, their toughest job will be like the job they hate the most, the job which makes them uncomfortable, the job which makes them uneasy to put it simply it is the something they won’t do it unless life forces them to do it.


Listing out jobs like that

  • Farmer
  • E-Waste Recycler
  • Mercenary
  • Stuntman
  • Painter
  • Carpenter


In your perspective being a carpenter would be an easy job but if you put yourself in someone shoes they may find it difficult to do it.


There is only one difficult job that is “Doing nothing”. Overcoming difficulties is a part of all careers and everyone start from scarp to top. Everything you go through is a good lesson and helps you in many ways.


There times you may face a situation that forces you to quit, where you may find it very embracing to work or tortured, bullied by your seniors and supervisors. Before making any decision have it in your mind that there no job without any obstacles or problems. The best to treat a wound is by accepting the pain while applying for the medicine.


“Doing absolutely nothing” that is you mustn’t do anything eating, sleeping, talking, seeing and even thinking at same you must have conscious (not a sick person who is in a coma). This might be the toughest job. A job that cannot be done by anyone even once. Comparatively all others can at least be done for once. If you think it is an easy job you should try sitting in a somewhere quiet, empty your mind and maintain it for 5 minutes at the least. You must not cheat, try it fair and square. it is something beyond meditation.


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