Do Indians Really Mean “Black Lives Matter”?

After the George Floyd case in the USA and huge protests in wake of justice for him and justice for all black people around the world who have been bullied and discriminated for their color has moved the people on social media. Social media these days is a revolutionary platform that helps people to speak out and gives a platform to people to share their experiences. Through social media, a lot many people have shown their support to black people around the world. In such league, there are Indians who are posting pictures, messages, and other videos with #BlackLivesMatter on social media. But, do Indians really mean this hashtag or they are just going with the flow?


Over the years, not only in foreign countries but in India as well there is a huge culture of racism. You might have seen and ignored the signs of racism in India but here are few things that will make you realize that racism is in the veins of Indians. From matrimonial ads to various nicknames, racism has always existed in India. You might have read in advertisements saying, “In search of a fair and beautiful girl.” What does this imply? This implies that beauty lies in being fair and if a girl has any other color or a shade little dull than the so-called fair color then she is not eligible for marriage then whatever may be her qualification or qualities.


Then we have the much-shown fairness cream ads. However, the fairness cream ads have now been banned in India but still, your family members or some nearby people won’t leave any chance of telling some home remedies to become fair. Also, the sale of fairness creams hasn’t stopped which earlier promoted ways of achieving success through fairness cream. From childhood days many of you have dark skin color must be accustomed by now of hearing various nicknames like Kalu, kali, blackboard, blacky, and so on. There are endless racist remarks that Indians do but we often ignore.


And not only a few people are racist but we all Indians are running in the same league because of our racist remarks to the North-eastern people. We call them ‘chinki’, ‘Nepali’, ‘Chinese’, ‘momo’ and the most disrespecting was the one when few people started calling North-Eastern Indians as Corona because they look Chinese and Corona has come from China. Isn’t it horrible? Yes! Indeed it is. Not one occasion but multiple examples are there where Indians were racist and still continue to be racist on the basis of color and complexion. In such a scenario, people must learn that there is only one race in human beings which is the human race and no other subcategories. On one side people complain of dark color and complexion and want beautiful fair brides whereas on the other side they are posting Black Lives Matter on social media. However, the deciders of this question are you yourself because for its answer one must introspect and realize how racist we are and where we stand and do we really care about black lives.





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