An Autobiography of a Wall Clock

"I am a beautiful wall clock, with a red dial, golden needle, and a golden frame, and a pentagon in shape Oh what a beauty I am."

The days bygone, when I was in a shop in Lajpat Nagar I really enjoyed myself, and they were the best days of my life. Daily I saw people coming in and going out pf the shop, there was such a lot of hullabaloo every day in that shop that. Life was interesting, and there was not a moment of boredom. This is why I call that part of my life the best. I’d watch the customers with great interest, some bought clocks, some would just gaze at some very longingly and walk off. This really amused me and I wondered why they come in at all.


At times interesting arguments would continue between the customers and our salesman at different counters. I used to enjoy these tiffs and laugh to myself wondering as to what ides people get. In the night hours, when the shop would close I never felt frightened as, there were ever so many companions, some ticing aloud, some silent, it was a wonderful time day and night. I stayed on in there shop for quite a long time when almost all my old friends had gone, and new ones had taken their places. Days passed by and several of my friends had left for their permanent abodes, and I wondered if I would ever be bought.


However just as all things come to an end, my wait also ended, when, on 15th August 1998 a customer came and he pinned his choice on me.I was absolutely thrilled and even felt puffed up to think that, he wanted only ME. That day I also came to know why I had not been bought for so long. It was not that I was not nice to look at but the reason was that, I was the most expensive clock in the entire showroom. This made me feel really proud of myself and I put my collars up when I was being packed for a presentation. The buyer was the Principal of some school and he presented me to a teacher at her farewell party as she was retiring after thirty years of service in the school.




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