Arguments Steal the Power of the Mind

Have you ever caught yourself arguing just to argue? it's a great way to hone your debating skills and lower your brainpower. Have you ever noticed that arguments are rarely "won"? Even if you think you just won an argument, what did you win? If there really can be a loser, at least he learned something, right? What did you get? Ego Satisfaction, Debate Practice, and Decreased Mental Power. Does arguing decrease mental power? There are times when you have to discuss things, but most of the time it is not productive. Does one want to argue the point? What do you get out of the useless debate and, more importantly, what do you lose? One thing is for sure, an individual who takes note of the arguments can learn something from each side, but what about the participants? If your opponent makes a good point, does someone say, "Hey, you're right!" Or do I look more often for a much better argument?


Arguing too much makes you used to try to find arguments that support the truth. Plus, you can deepen your thinking routines the more you defend an advantage. during a routine and ignoring the truth? If that doesn't seem like it's good for brain power, it's because it isn't. Mental power to listen If you say that the moon is closer and I say that the sun is, one of us must be right. If you say that nurture is more important, and that I say that nature is, we are both right. the main argument has clearly defined terms. this is not common, and even here, what is the use of arguing? In the second example, our arguments have to do with values ​​and experiences.


We have seen various things in life and that we could spend a lifetime defining "important", or I could shut up and listen. My mind becomes more powerful with the addition of your ideas and knowledge. Listening is the best way. To break the habit of arguing, deliberately invite people to comment and listen without saying anything. it will ask them to clarify, but do not offer a contrary idea. do it enough, and you will be amazed at how much you learn. Some of us are also surprised by how difficult this simple technique is often, but it works.




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