Another Side of the Human

Our generation is considered as the most selfish generation ever born on this earth. It's not just a rumor. It's the fact because we as a human are cruel and harsh towards nature and even towards the human. Whether it's the case of crime against women, visas gas tragedy or Bhopal gas tragedy, death of elephant and her child, or the suicide of former actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The negativity is everywhere but we cannot ignore the positive side of our generation. We are also the same People raising our voice against injustice and inhuman treatment. Some people make us realize that humans are still alive and all aren't zombies.


People want to share things with each other equally. Aren't this gesture of love and compassion towards each other? In a case where four brothers were given unequal properties from their ancestors. But they want to distribute the properties among each other equally. So how can they do this legally? Law appreciates such gestures. So they can legally transfer the property without any consideration under section 122 of Transfer of Property Act. This section states that any person can transfer their movable and immovable property voluntarily to others without taking any consideration from them. Even in many cases, brothers transfer their Properties to their sisters which was only given to him by his ancestors.






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