An Open Letter to Ted Mosby

Dear Ted Mosby, As you say that at one point we all become our own doppelganger, "these completely different people who just happen to look like us". I consider myself a completely different person now as compared to what I was before seeing you out there searching for your yellow umbrella. You made me realize that hope is the best thing to have by one's side and it takes a whole lot of courage to be hopeful and being an optimist than keeping a cynical approach.


Because even when Robin said that she didn't love you, you had the courage to say that " when one door opens, well you know the rest". And it's not like you didn't have flings of being cynical. There were moments when you believed less but then you were Ted Mosby and started believing again. You taught me how to love people unconditionally. Because even when you didn't know about Robin's worries, you spent hours decorating the apartment as you considered cheering her up as your job. We all know how important Tracey was for you, and even after her death thinking about Robin took a lot of courage, but being Ted Mosby you wanted your children to see your perspective and that's what is a most endearing part of you that I find at the end of the story. Because be it a Blue French Horn or a Yellow Umbrella, after all, we are seeking is happiness and hope for happiness in our lives!

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