5 Netflix shows worth binge watching this weekend.


With the weekend almost here, and the sun hitting sky not everyone is convinced on going out. For those who love staying in, crawling in their fuzzy blanket while  the air conditioner is blasting, nothing couples better than a good show to binge watch with their favourite snack. Here's a list of top 5 shows you can find on Netflix, and start binge watching according to your liking of the genre.

1. The Society

It is a fresh out of the oven show. The plot of the show is very different from the shown on Netflix. It focuses and develops around a group of high school students. The group returns from their trip which is cut short, to their hometown, which apparently noe is an empty town. A peculiar disaster falls  upon their town while they were out. The episodes develop around how they learn to exist without rules. They are left alone without any elders, forced to learn how to co-exist. The series has a wide spectrum of stars but the notable ones include, Kathryn Newton from Detective Pikachu Force.

2. Black Mirror

The  series first air in year 2011. It is the daughter of Charlie Brooker, which doesn't cease to grow as of now. The series already have 4 seasons to it with a 5th rolling in very soon. The series foreshows the scary yet quite possible effects of the advancement in technology. The story is set in not so future. Interestingly the episodes are not tagged with numbered, so you can start anytime and get engaged with the series.

3. Stranger Things

This is an original Netflix drama. An american science fiction, horror in genre series is a quite loved series for it past 2 seasons. 3 season is also coming in soon. The plot of the series is set in an small Indian town in 1983. One of the lead is a Golden Globe award winner,  Willona Ryder playing Joyce Byer. When her son goes missing she starts investing, and stumble around some frantic supernatural forces. The quest also includes a little girl with powers. The series can engage anyone and everyone. The series is the one that for sure will get your adrenaline rushing.  

4. Lucifer

First dropped in January 2016, this american tv series is selected by Tom Kapinos. The story revolves around the main lead, Lucifer played by Tom Ellis. Lucifer the character is himself is the embodiment of the devil. He owns a nightclub in Los Angeles. While running the nightclub he also operate as a consultant to the  LAPD. The series completed its 4th season in May this year, which was received with positive reviews.

5. The Umbrella Academy

This american superhero based web series is created by Jeremy Slatter and Steve Blackman. It is based on a comic which goes with the same name. In the story 43 babies are born to 43 random women all over  the world. But, only 6 of the infants survive , which later come together to uncover their father's death quest. The show is full of impeccable screenplay, with grim undertone which helps in maintaining the mood and atmosphere of it throughout. ​



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